The Easy Concept Company operates in the fields of mystery shopping, kitchen audit, cleaning of professional premises and houses and medical products marketing.

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Mystery Shopping is a sort of internal research for your business organisation and function.

The aim of Mystery Shopping is to offer you a full image of how clients see your business in terms of the quality of the services offered to them.

Mystery Shopper (your secret client) is specialised in customer service and through regular visits to your company as simple client assesses the services provided and submits a detailed report collecting all the necessary information, so that you know, at all times, the performance of your business and you are able to improve it.



What are the benefits from Mystery Shopping?

• It gives you the chance to learn how clients see your business.
• It is the most cost-effective and efficient way of monitoring.
• You can find out how much your staff knows about the products you offer.
• You can see whether the services provided by your staff are the best possible.
• Your staff, knowing that a Mystery Shopping programme is running and that they may serve at any time a secret client, have one more reason to serve properly, since anyone could be the secret client.
• It ensures that your business procedures are followed correctly.
• The management has the control.

Mystery Shopping is a positive tool and it should not be presented to the staff as a "watchdog" trying to "get" them for any mistake.